We created real solutions to
climate change at COP28

1200+ teams from 112 countries joined
Hack for Earth at COP28, see the 8 winners now!

What are we doing?

All you need to make real change is an idea and the will to make it happen.

And resources and network and funding and so much more! That's why Hack for Earth was born. We host hackathons (innovation competitions) to find the best ideas around the world. Then we help them become real solutions for the good of society through our custom acceleration program Build for Earth.

We call this Citizen-driven Innovation. We can't leave the future in the hands of just politicians and non-profits,
we are all citizens of planet Earth.


How it works



Find your team & sign up to join the hackathon



Join online in the worlds biggest hackathon for climate



The winning solutions joins the Build for Earth custom acceleration program

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Challenge Categories

Our eight Challenge Categories for COP28 are all connected closely to the effects of climate change. The specific challenges within each category are created in collaboration with Hack for Earth partners, and will be announced closer to the opening of the hackathon.

The competing hacker teams will first choose a category and then choose a specific challenge within that category. A challenge is most often shaped as a question. Feel free to start brainstorming on what challenge category you wish to tackle!



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