About us

By connecting brilliant minds from all around the world in the global online hackathon Hack for Earth, we will create real solutions to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

But where other hackathons end, we level up! After the confetti at the prize ceremony has gone away, we offer the winning solutions a spot in our Acceleration Program “Build for Earth” supported by our Partner Community. This is where we make the winning solutions come to life and create real value for the people and the planet. Citizendriven innovation, we like to call it.

Any questions? Feel free to contact us at info@hackforearth.com.

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Our team

Ann Molin

Secretary General
All press related questions

Love Dager

Hackathon Manager
Hack, events, livestreams and other fun things!

Kristofer Vernmark

Head of Build for Earth
Chief Behavioral Officer, PhD in Psychology

Mustafa Sherif

Community Manager

Silva Pilarv Sivertsen

Structure Manager

Jacob Rosenholm

Senior Advisor

Our board

Ann Molin

Chairman of the Board

Mikael Ahlström

Board member

Marie Claire Maxwell

Board member