Build for Earth

Making the winning solutions come to life in Build for Earth

December 2021 – June 2022

Hack for Earth Foundation’s core values are sustainability, diversity and most of all – impact. This is why the winners of Hack for Earth will be given the best possible support to become real tools for solving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: the Build for Earth acceleration program.

Hack for Earth Award

The winner of Hack for Earth Award is the solution that the Head Jury group will appoint on December 15th 2021 at the Hack for Earth Award ceremony at EXPO2020 in Dubai.

The winning solution will receive the following, provided that the Board of the Hack for Earth Foundation approves the realisation plan:

-10 000$ USD 

-A spot in Build for Earth acceleration program

-A study visit to Stockholm, to explore the Swedish innovation eco-system

-All seven category winners receive a spot in the Build for Earth acceleration program

Build for Earth acceleration program

The seven winners  all entered Build for Earth, a unique acceleration program organized by the Hack for Earth Foundation, under the leadership of Kristofer Vernmark, Head of Build for Earth.

The mission of Build for Earth is to support the Hack for Earth winners in creating real tools for the good of society.

Based on research and global innovation expertise on sustainable innovation, Build for Earth acceleration program entails the following, customized to the seven winning solution’s needs. The program is coordinated and executed in close collaboration with Hack for Earth partner community.

Build for Earth Part 1

  • Clarify the concept
  • Prioritize and plan
  • Optimize the team
  • Business and market
  • Understanding human behavior and the psychology of sustainability
  • Pitch and present

Build for Earth Part 2

  • Data collection and measuring impact
  • Financing
  • Organisational model
  • Autonomy and resilience
  • Partnership
  • Sustainability at its core

Head of Build for Earth

Kristofer Vernmark is Head of Build for Earth. Kristofer is a licensed psychologist with a Ph.D. in psychology and a published author.

Kristofer is heading the acceleration program Build for Earth, where he will be working with the winning teams on how to optimize collaboration for success, supporting the winning teams on their journey from great ideas to real solutions to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Pitch for Earth

On Earth Hour Day March 26th 2022, all seven category winners pitched in a livestreamed event. In Pitch for Earth event the task for the seven category winners was to present how far they have have come in making their solutions come to life. Our Advisory Board provided live feedback on the progress made.

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