Winners of Hack for Earth

The 7 winners of Hack for Earth Youth Hackathon at COP27

48 hours of hackathon has come to an end and here are the 7x winning solutions! These solutions will now go on to join the Build for Earth acceleration program and become real solutions for the good of society.

Smart City Winner

Klean AIR

Contact Person: Purity Christine, (Team leader, Kenyan)

Team members:

Charlotte Heikendorf, Denmark

Emmanuel Manny, South Africa

Hamisi Briva, Kenya

Jeff Ayako, Kenya

Kelvin Mulama, Kenya


A Data-Driven Decision Making Application That Recommends Customized Action Plans to Climate Policy Makers Using Machine Learning And AI.

This project is meant to mitigate climate change by assisting policy makers in choosing the right action to counter emissions of greenhouse gases in Nairobi and to display these plans to the public. We have created a mobile app and a website where it is possible to get an overview over air quality and get recommendations to plant vegetation or make infrastructure changes. We will get our sensor data from Open Data Africa and in a collaboration with Safari network and NGO Purple AIR.

Agriculture Winner

Agrotech Plus

Contact Person: Elisha Caleb , (Team leader, Kenya)

Team members:

Anais, Switzerland

Enock Imani, Kenya

Grace Heta, Tanzania

Mercy Nzuve, Germany

Sharon Chacha, Kenya


Agrotech Plus is an eco-friendly cold chain company that provides practical and affordable preservation services to smallholder farmers to end post-harvest losses; Kenya is a pilot country. We have developed a solar-powered cooling technology that extends the shelf life of fruits and vegetables by up to 21 days. 

Every solar cold room we set up is reducing up to 16.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions each month.

Transport Winner

Green Wasalny

Contact Person: khaled Ahmed Fatheldeen Abdelrahman, (Team Leader, Egypt)

Team members:

Ahmed Gamal Ahmed El Skenedy, Egypt 

Joseph Nguthiru, Kenya

Nada Abdelhady moamen, Egypt

Omnia Hesham, Egypt


Supply Chain Land Fleet contributed to 30% of the carbon dioxide emissions produced by the transportation sector worldwide in 2020.

As a team, after conducting wide research and brainstorming sessions, we realised that digital tracking and tracing of materials and goods effectively, reliably and responsibly could help reduce GHG emissions. 

Our smart and innovative solution is "GREEN WASALNY". This is a mobile-based platform that brings Digitalization to the Supply Chain Transportation Cycle. (‘Wasalny’ is Arabic for ‘Drop me to my Location’).

"GREEN WASALNY" is a navigation system for fleet drivers that will positively improve the logistics transportation operations’ effectiveness. Companies' owners and fleet operators will not have to worry again as drivers get safe and accurate navigation information while planning routes better to maximize their returns. 

GREEN WASALNY uses real-time traffic data to avoid delays and reroutes when the road conditions are not conducive. The app is affordable and can be used for an entire fleet. The navigation is still operational even while offline and useful for long cargo hauls without causing driving distractions.

Biodiversity Winner


Contact Person: Sebastian Andres Cajas , (Team leader, Colombia)

Team members:

Ana Clara Faria, Brazil

Charic Farinango, Colombia

Maria Vivian Awori,Uganda


EvolveNet combines spatiotemporally aligned satellite imagery with sea turtle metadata, including turtle distribution, sensing data and bycatch information to commercial metadata, providing an interaction risk attention map that enables the prediction of potential turtle risk hotspots and periods.  Additionally to this, we also use EvolveNet interpretation using attention maps to understand the underlying factors that lead to each risk area to provide useful policy recommendations to mitigate the hunt and harm of sea turtles.

The proposed pipeline has been designed as well for generalizing the method to other species if the metadata is available, allowing a high scalability into any geographical area as all the data is publicly available.

Energy Winner


Contact Person: William Ng, (Team leader, Singapore)

Team members:

Joe Toh, Singapore

Louie Yeow, Malaysia

Pawandeep Singh, Singapore


A democratised data-driven solution that encourages Electric Vehicle owners to plug in their vehicles to the smart grid. Closing the gaps and enhancing the reliability of the grid while reducing the need to burn more fossil fuel for energy production.

Natural Resources Management Winner

Wiper Transformation

Contact Persons: Abdelrahman Misallam, (Team leader, Egypt)

Team members:

Ahmed Khalid, Egypt

Amira Mohamed, Egypt

Sara Gomaa, Egypt


Since cellulosic mass is the most abundant organic polymer in the world, we decided to take advantage of the zero-cost agricultural waste materials in Egypt by transforming palm leaves into bio-cellulosic fibers using chemical treatment & biotechnology. Then take the cellulose granules and make sanitized wipes locally using reverse-engineered hydroentanglement technology.

Sustainable Digital Solutions Winner


Contact Person: Sophie Collier, (Team leader, UK)

Team members:

Fletcher Hartman, USA

Karina Pérez Salinas, Mexico

Mariko Daisey, USA

Rachel Williams, UK


A sustainable digital world requires action big enough to make an impact—and small enough to make people feel it's not disrupting their daily lives. SMALLSMALLbig aims to create an open-source archive of data-driven solutions that are truly small and get seriously huge, starting with a campaign around the electricity wasted by something so small we barely even notice it: our spam folders.