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Let's Do It World

About us

Let’s Do It World is a global movement that tackles the solid waste crisis by mobilizing millions of positive-minded people into coordinated local and global actions.The flagship project World Cleanup Day has engaged more than 50 million people during the last three years into one-day cleanup actions. Let's Do It World has active leaders and teams in 164 countries.Let's Do It World is today one of the largest networks and movements that binds together groups, individuals, and organizations that would otherwise never work together, and catalyze needed transformation in societies.

Why we're joining Hack for Earth

"What I see is that humanity needs positivity, good energies, a sense of belonging to the World. Creating the connections in between as humans and as well as organisations -we need a sense of hope and resilience. We need collective acceptance and understanding of how we are living and treat our World and ourselves within it. We have been coming to an era, where we need to reevaluate our being and it means growth as humanity, to start to see and listen to ourselves and each other, our dreams and collective actions toward it. Our people in Lets Do It World movement dream of clean, healthy and waste-free future,  dreams shall be followed with global positive collaborations and make them happen. We design our future with dreams of today -and we,  Let's Do It World teams around the globe,  are happy to join the wave of dreaming and actions”.

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