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#More Viral than the Virus

About us

About us

MoreViralThanTheVirus is a global COVID Youth movement.

At the beginning of the pandemic this youth movement united a network of young people from over 100 countries in just 10 days during the global lockdown in 2020. No funding was used, just Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram. The engagement was made out of medical students who couldn't help treat patiens on the frontlines in the pandemic.

For the past 1,5 year, MoreViralThanTheVirus has reached more than 1.5 million people, having already demonstrated the impossible. We believe that we can still continue to make a difference during and beyond this COVID-19 crisis.

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Why we're joining Hack for Earth

As a movement which believes in bringing about change by focusing on working on one initiative at a time. We stand steadfast with Hack for Earth in taking the lead and sharing their vision for climate change, recognising that our every efforts matter. We are joining not only to raise awareness, but to take action.

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