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SDSN Youth is one of the world’s biggest networks of young leaders working together to accelerate solutions towards the Sustainable Development Goals. We connect young peopleto pathways of understanding and action - to shape a sustainable world for future generations. SDSN Youth was launched in 2015 by Professor Sachs - at the 5th meeting of the SDSN Leadership Council in Paris. Over the past five years, we have expanded rapidly, with over 3000 program members worldwide. SDSN Youth is a program of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network - an initiative launched by UN Secretary General, BanKi-moon, in 2012 to mobilize global expertise around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Why we're joining Hack for Earth

SDSN Youth is excited to partner with Hack for Earth and support placing young people at the forefront of achieving the SDGs. We believe that young people are the ideal agents to be at the forefront of the sustainable development movement: they are forward-thinking, creative and come in large numbers.

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Empowering young people to drive sustainable solutions

Learn about the importance of the role the youth plays in the achievement of the SDGs
Oct 27, 2021 19:00
Oct 27, 2021 20:00


Sustainable Society

Nadia Paleari

Brand Consultant and Cultural Diplomacy Advisor
SDSN Youth
SDSN Youth
  • Innovative Project Management
  • Food sustainability
  • Brand and Digital Marketing
Q&A Session
Oct 27, 2021 15:00
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