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United Bluelight

About us

United Blue Light (UBL) is today the Nordic region's largest and fastest growing community for Blue Light and Security Professions. Our website and social media channels engage and informs followers globally.

UBL aims to create a stronger community and better collaboration between the blue light and security professions. We create added value by including more societal actors in to our network.

We manage projects to inform about and solve shortcomings in safety and security in society. Our projects involve colleagues in the blue light profession, other security creators, authorities, companies and the general public.

Why we're joining Hack for Earth

United Blue Light participate in Hack for Earth because it is our mission to drive, develop and implement safety and security in society. We love bringing dreams to life and are here to secure their launch and longevity.

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Cybercrime - a global threat

We demand faster digitization for a simpler everyday life, but can we acclimatize to it?
Nov 4, 2021 16:00
Nov 4, 2021 16:40
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Digital crime fighting - Hack for Earth

Importance of digital crime fighting
Oct 24, 2021 11:35
Oct 24, 2021 11:45
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