Build for Earth

Making the winning solutions come to life in Build for Earth

December 2023 – June 2024

Hack for Earth's core values are sustainability, diversity and most of all – impact. This is why the winners of Hack for Earth will be given the best possible support to become real tools for solving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: Our custom acceleration program Build for Earth.

Build for Earth acceleration program

The eight winners will all enter Build for Earth, a unique acceleration program organized by the Hack for Earth Foundation, under the leadership of Kristofer Vernmark, Head of Build for Earth.

The mission of Build for Earth is to support the Hack for Earth winners in creating real tools for the good of society.

Based on research and global innovation expertise on sustainable innovation, Build for Earth acceleration program entails the following, customized to the eight winning solution’s needs. The program is coordinated and executed in close collaboration with Hack for Earth's partner community.

Build for Earth Part 1

  • Clarify the concept
  • Prioritize and plan
  • Optimize the team
  • Business and market
  • Understanding human behavior and the psychology of sustainability
  • Pitch and present

Build for Earth Part 2

  • Data collection and measuring impact
  • Financing
  • Organisational model
  • Autonomy and resilience
  • Partnership
  • Sustainability at its core

Head of Build for Earth

Kristofer Vernmark is Head of Build for Earth. Kristofer is a licensed psychologist with a Ph.D. in psychology and a published author.

Kristofer is heading the acceleration program Build for Earth, where he will be working with the winning teams on how to optimize collaboration for success, supporting the winning teams on their journey from great ideas to real solutions to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Build for Earth schedule 2024

Workshop, Lectures and Team - Sessions

Link to full schedule

Build for Earth Lecturers

Ann Molin - Creating impactful partnerships for startup success


Secretary General & CEO | Founder | Citizendriven innovation, solving the SDG’s with global hackathons

Dr. Kristofer Vernmark - Theory of Change


Researcher | Digital Mental Health Expert | Psychologist, PhD and Published Author | Experienced manager and consultant

David Brohede - How to avoid the monkey trap, and make better decisions


Licensed psychologist

Riddhi Padariya - Advanced Automation and Controls, Smart Manufacturing, and the Internet of Things


Sr. Advanced Automation Engineer  Tesla | Robotics & Control Systems Designer | Energy Geek | Climatebase Fellow | SMIEEE

Johan Söderström - Business Planning


EVP, Head of Regions EMEA at Hitachi Energy Ltd

Tracy Tollmann - Presenting and communicating with impact


Climate change scientist, actress, director, and public speaking coach

Rafat Malik - Finance


Executive Chairman at IME Pension Fund

Saif Eddine Laalej - Winner of Hack for Earth at EXPO 2020


Social Entrepreneur {Zelij Invent} - Africa 35 Under 35 - Operations Manager chez Enactus Morocco

Salena Fourie - Nailing Down who your customers really are and talking their talk

Marketing and Communications Lead at OceanHub Africa

Melchizedek Victor - Networking and Partnership


Founder at Young African Innovators' Hub || QCT Network Fellow || SDG Advocate || Youth Leader

Rasmus Häggkvist - Social Media knowledge and competence


TikTok influencer and social media expert

Mikael Ahlström & Marie Claire Maxwell - Growing as a startup


Entrepreneur & Global Speaker in Innovation and Digitalization


Emerging, Creative, Transformative Tech | Impact Initiatives | Strategy & Execution | Board & Mentoring | Talent Attraction