All about the Hackathon

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What is Hack for Earth?

The Hack for Earth Youth Hackathon at COP27 is a global hackathon held online and at the COY17 in Egypt November 2 – November 4, with focus on finding real solutions to the Climate Change challenges. Throughout the hackathon all teams will brainstorm, develop concepts and work together to create a solution that is in line with the jury criteria and that could be implemented to become real tools for the good of society.

All team members have access to mentors, workshops, open data, information on relevant subjects and other support from the partner community to be able to create the best solutions. 

The hackathon have 7 challenge categories that teams choose from to compete in.

Hackathon info for hackers


-Your solution MUST be submitted entirely in English. Otherwise, it will be disqualified.

-You can edit all information on the hackathon platform until the deadline on Friday, November 4th at 3 PM CET (4 PM Egypt time EET).

-Be sure to follow the instructions below carefully.

STEP ONE: Create your presentation video

How you present and who presents in the video is totally up to you. The Jury will not watch more than 2.00 minutes of your presentation video. Be sure that your video is no longer than 2.00 minutes.

Your presentation video MUST follow these rules:

-A maximum of 2.00 minutes of horizontal (landscape) video

-Describe your solution and what problem it solves

-How will you make your solution a reality

-How your team is diverse

STEP TWO: The TEAM LEADER submits your presentation video to the hackathon platform.

IMPORTANT! The only person who can perform this is your TEAM LEADER.

The TEAM LEADER must log in to the hackathon platform here and do the following:

A. Add the name of your solution and a 2-3 sentence text description. Press on the "Edit" button. You can find the "Edit" button in the three dots icon (...) next to the title of your solution on your right-hand side.

Click on "Save".

B. Add all team members in the button "Contributors". IMPORTANT! All team members must sign up individually on the hackathon platform in order for the Team leader to add them as contributors.

C. Upload your presentation video. Select "Add attachment". You can find "Add attachment" in the three dots icon (...) next to the title of your solution on your right-hand side.

D. Add the contact information of the Team Leader (name, email, Whatsapp number including country code). Click on "Save".

E. Add information about all team members (name, email, gender, age, nationality).

Click on "Save". (PRIOR to this step All team members must sign up individually on the hackathon platform).

F. Add links or names of any sources (open data, statistics, reports etc.) you may have used to develop your solution. Click on "Save".

G. Don't write anything in the "Add a comment..." box. That space is reserved for the Jury.

Instructions for the Hackathon Platform (Hives)

How to log in, choose challenge and create a solution.

How to add team members and finalize your solution.