Dream for Earth

The winner of Dream for Earth Award is Joseph Adedeji from Nigeria.

Joseph Adedeji is the winner of the Dream for Earth Award based on the number of likes his Dream for Earth received, combined with the votes his dream received from the jury. The Dream for Earth Award includes the following: a two-day trip to Dubai, UAE, to attend the Dream for Earth Award ceremony in Dubai, visit the Swedish Pavilion and the Dream for Earth exhibition at Expo2020 in Dubai. His dream will be also featured in the Swedish Pavilion at EXPO2020 Dubai.

Close to 150 million people have seen the Dream for Earth campaign. We have analyzed over a thousand (1000)dreams from more than sixty (60) countries, to find out how they are connected to the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals and what people are dreaming about in different countries.

The results is the content of the Dream for Earth exhibition opening October 4th in the Swedish Pavilion at Expo2020 in Dubai, and also the foundation of the challenges of the Hack for Earth hackathon.

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