Winners announced in Hack for Earth at COP28

December 11, 2023

Hack for Earth global online hackathon with 1200 teams from 112 countries took place Dec 1st – Dec 3rd, with the clear goal of finding real solutions to climate change. Co-organized with Ericsson, Hack for Earth at COP28 gathered thousands of passionate citizens around the globe, working together in teams to co-create solutions for a sustainable future.

The eight category winners of Hack for Earth at COP28 have now been selected by the  jury. The winners pitched their solutions in a live-streamed Prize Ceremony on December 11th from the United Nations high level climate conference COP28, taking place this year in Dubai, UAE. The Head Jury selected the Hack for Earth Award Winner, Renewable Energy Placement Optimizer, which was presented with the Hack for Earth Award Cup.

Fida Kibbi, Vice President and Head of Marketing, Communications and Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility at Ericsson Middle East and Africa, says:

"Congratulations to the exceptional minds and passionate teams who rose to the challenge of Hack for Earth at COP28. In this dynamic world of today that continues to combat rising environmental concerns, innovation allows businesses and individual to make a transformative change towards a sustainable future. The winning teams, having showcased their groundbreaking solutions, now embark on the six-month Build for Earth acceleration program. Ericsson remains committed to fostering real-world solutions for a sustainable future and today, we look forward to nurturing and fast-tracking these groundbreaking solutions into impactful realities.”

Ann Molin, Secretary General and CEO, Hack for Earth, says:

There is no other future than a sustainable future. The winners of Hack for Earth at COP28 showcases with all necessary clarity that citizens around the world are well aware of this, and they are stepping up the game on climate action. I am eagerly looking forward to see the winning solutions turn into real tools fighting climate change in Build for Earth acceleration program, starting January in 2024. 

The 8 Challenge Category winners

Introducing the winners in the 8 challenge categories, more information on the solution and the team behind it at

The Prize for all 8 Challenge Category winners is to join Build for Earth acceleration program, our customized program based on science and designed to make the solutions a reality in 6 months. 

Hack for Earth at COP28 co-organizer Ericsson will continue to support the winners while they go through Build for Earth with bespoke knowledge sharing sessions. Read more about Build for Earth acceleration program here: 

Energy Challenge winner & Hack for Earth Award 2023

Renewable Energy Placement Optimizer

The solution we have come up with is a tool that can tell the user the optimal location to put a renewable energy source. For instance, the user might give it a boundary of land where the energy source may be placed. The tool then utilizes AI and ML to pinpoint the places where solar panels or wind turbines would produce the most energy. The end users would range from homeowners wanting to be off-grid, to utility companies looking to build a new wind or solar farm, to government agencies looking for the best places to zone into residential areas that can be energy-self-sufficient like for the homeowner wanting to be off-grid.

Water Challenge Winner


Agri Azola for Food Feed stands at the forefront of sustainable animal feed production, offering a tangible solution to Egypt's water scarcity challenges. Our advocacy for Azolla aligns with the urgent need for water-efficient, environmentally responsible, and climate-resilient agricultural practices, ensuring a more secure future for Egypt's agriculture sector amidst prevailing water scarcity concerns.

Partnership Challenge Winner

Climate Action Collaboration System (CACS)

Lack of awareness hinders community engagement in ongoing projects; individuals are unaware and unable to contribute effectively especially as students and the general public.

Introducing a collaborative website connecting stakeholders, project managers, and individuals. Visitors can fund, join, create, search projects, view impact and progress and actively participate in discussions and project tasks – fostering a community-driven approach to project awareness and contribution. Students can also visit the website for research and study where they can search projects and view their impacts. This is not just collaborative but also educational. 

Environment Challenge Winner


Introducing our revolutionary solution for a healthier planet and healthier you! We are extracting beta carotene, also known as pro-vitamin A, from the waste of palm trees that is usually burned or thrown into the Nile. By recycling this waste, we are not only reducing waste and pollution in the environment but also producing a high-quality and affordable source of beta carotene for various industries.

Food Challenge Winner


Preventing farm yield losses by providing climate intelligence to unlock access to proactive intervention funds.

Transport Challenge winner

Roam and Nest: Your Sustainable Travel Companion

Innovating Sustainable Transportation with Roam and Nest.

Creating sustainable transportation systems that reduce emissions, improve connectivity, and contribute to sustainable cities and communities.

Education Challenge winner

EcoShop - Sustainable Grocery Shopping Mobile Application

Our solution presents a mobile application 'EcoShop' to tackle the issue of increased carbon emission. Our app will raise awareness and help people to be more mindful of the environment by keeping track of the carbon footprint produced while shopping, and suggests environmentally friendly alternatives. 

Cities Challenge winner

EcoTabax Project

EcoTabax is a green project with the purpose of recycling plastic waste into eco-friendly bricks made from plastic granules and sand.

Hack for Earth Head Jury 

Our Head Jury gave all Challenge Category winners live feedback on their solutions at the Prize Ceremony.

Ekow Nelson, Global Customer Unit Head for e& at Ericsson, General Manager, Ericsson UAE

Sabri Albreiki, Chief Technology Officer, e& International

Cristina Romanelli, Programme Officer, Biodiversity, Climate Change and Health, World Helath Organisation

Herland Cerveaux, Operations Manager, OceanHub Africa

Kadir S. Gungor, Chairman at Sustainable Impact Capital & Holding








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Ann Molin

Ann Molin

Secretary General