About us

GloCha (Global Challenges) is a multistakeholder partnership for youth focused on Global Challenges action empowerment, set up by the UN accredited not-for-profit association IAAI (International Association for the Advancement of Innovative Approaches to Global Challenges

GloCha’s mission is to empower all-of-society and in particular citizens and youth for global goals implementation and climate action through culture, technology (especially blockchain technology) and organizational innovation (including resource mobilization innovation).

GloCha flagship initiatives are e.g.- the DigitalArt4Climate program (, which comprises an art competition, blockchain technology based resource mobilization and innovative climate action learning and digital skills development- the GloCha Super-app for climate/SDGs action management (, including self-sovereign digital identity of individuals and organizations, unique identification of challenges, resources, action and impact, a global challenges action registry, edutainment programs, (micro) social entrepreneurship platform- the Digital innovation Pavilion at UN Climate conferences (

Why we are partnering with Hack for Earth:

We are partnering with Hack for Earth, because we love the citizens and knowledge focused approach of the initiative and because we hope that some of the participants of the hackathon might in future work with us on our GloCha flagship initiatives. We are happy to host Hack for Earth in our Digital Innovation Pavilion in Dubai during COP28.

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We contribute with

  • Expert sessions

  • Statistics/reports

  • Digital Innovation pavilion at COP28