TIME: The Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship

About us

The Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship (TIME) is committed to promoting access to quality education and technology for all individuals. We strive to create a sustainable and inclusive environment that fosters equal economic opportunities, reduces poverty, and enhances access to education, healthcare, and employment. Our mission is to leverage technology to provide innovative solutions that empower individuals to achieve their full potential and contribute to the development of a thriving society. We believe that education and technology are critical drivers of social and economic progress, and we are dedicated to advancing these areas through our initiatives and partnerships.

Why we are parternering with Hack for Earth:

The Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship (TIME) has made a significant and strategic decision to join Hack for Earth for a multitude of compelling reasons. This alliance marks a pivotal step towards addressing critical global challenges through innovation, collaboration, entrepreneurship and promotion for Hack for Earth at COP28.

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We contribute with

  • Mentors

  • Open data

  • Expert sessions