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Water Alliance

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Water Alliance Association is the only local non-profit organization registered in Dubai focused solely on educating individuals on the value of water. We aim to raise awareness of the global water crisis and inspire action to reduce our collective water footprint. We offer interactive, enriching and meaningful activities for schools, companies and public events to help shape resilient, water-minded communities. In line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, we strive to inspire individuals to live within the means of our planet to ensure there is enough for everyone, forever.  

Why we're joining Hack for Earth

"Water Alliance has big dreams for a better tomorrow. Our work with many creative and innovative youth across the UAE reassures us that a sustainable future is within our grasp. When we were introduced to Hack for Earth and their Dream campaign, it was clear that our missions aligned perfectly. Therefore, it was a simple choice to partner with them to make our collective ambition for a sustainable world become reality," notes Linda Merieau, Executive Director, Water Alliance.

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