International Student Environmental Coalition

About us

International Student Environmental Coalition – Chad(ISEC CHAD) is a chapter of a global movement of young environmental advocates that provides young people with the resources, community and organizational power needed to engage in grassroot movements to climate justice. In Chad we work to advance the skills, strengths and power of students in order to forcefully push the world in a fairer, more inclusive and more sustainable direction.

Our mission is to give young leaders the means, the tools and the key to fight climate change and environmental challenges as a conscious and active generation.

Our vision building a bridge between the actions that our community needs today and a green future free from climate change, desertification, plastic waste and fossil fuels where young people can dream bigger and fully invest to achieve the United Nations SDGs by 2030 and update the African UnionAgenda 2063.

Why we are partnering with Hack for Earth

For ISEC CHAD, “Be part of the Solution, not the Problem” is more than just a slogan. Collaboration for us means working together with the same determination and ambition to ensure that meaningful change happens. We are passionate about going beyond sustainability, increasing awareness and helping to make our world a compassionate and better place. This is why we want to collaborate and partner with Hack for Earth to inspire the most creative minds to invent the green future of our world.

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We contribute with

  • Expert sessions

  • Mentors

  • Open data